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"Sister Cities of Los Angeles is an extraordinary opportunity to enhance international relationships, those we have around the globe with diverse communities and also the relationships we have within our City. Connecting directly with the people of our Sister Cities opens the door to an endless range of shared experience and understanding. It all begins with people to people!"


Tom Gilmore
Chairman of Sister Cities of Los Angeles


"I am proud to share with you this information about the great City of Los Angeles and its 25 Sister Cities around the globe. "


Tom LaBonge
Former Councilmember, 4th District
City of Los Angeles,
Chairman Emeritus of Sister Cities of Los Angeles



Our Vision is to achieve a smaller planet through better relationships, closer communications and ever-stronger collaborations between our international Sister City partners and the people of Los Angeles. We continue a non political, people to people diplomatic tradition established by our city government with a high degree of quality civic involvement in the disciplines of culture, education, communication, international trade, travel & tourism, and sports & recreation and through an innovative program of public service at home and abroad. It is these relationships that often survive when governments fail. They keep the conversation alive. We envision a more vibrant and prosperous City of LA that benefits from a variety of visitors from around the world especially residents and visitors from our Sister Cities.



Sister Cities of Los Angeles serves the complete Sister City Community by acting as a coordinating entity for City Committees. Sister Cities of Los Angeles represents and provides leadership, support, and services to the LA Sister City Committees. Sister Cities of Los Angeles celebrates the myriad cultures of Los Angeles through a continuing program of service in the areas of civics, educational, cultural, trade & economic development, travel, and sports & recreation, and other areas of mutual interest. Sister Cities of Los Angeles promotes the image of the City of Los Angeles around the world and expands global interest in our city and invites visitors to Los Angeles. Sister Cities of Los Angeles adheres to the traditions of the Sister City movement and best practices in the field while promoting innovation in the work of the organization.