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Sister Cities of Los Angeles

Mission Statement

Sister Cities of Los Angeles (SCOLA) is a diplomatic platform for the City of Los Angeles that seeks to promote cooperation and direct engagement with its global partners on issues of mutual interest, particularly around business and commerce, tourism, education, and culture. As the leading diplomatic organization of Los Angeles, SCOLA facilitates and builds important global relationships that support the city and region’s urban agenda.

How SCOLA Operates

Sister Cities of Los Angeles, Inc. (SCOLA) is a 501 (c) (3), non-profit organization, governed by a Board of Directors and led by a Chairperson appointed by the Mayor.

Sister City approvals must follow the legislative process of City of Los Angeles, which begins with the City Council and ends with the Mayor’s approval or veto.

SCOLA is responsible for all current and future Sister City relationships on behalf of the City of Los Angeles; and for advancing Sister City goals/partnerships, in conjunction with the appropriate local and international institutions. SCOLA works closely with various partners from the public and private sector and the international community.

Sister Cities of Los Angeles Key Partners

Sister Cities of Los Angeles Funders

Sister Cities of Los Angeles

Board Members

Honorary Board Member

Eric Garcetti

Mayor - City of Los Angeles

Nicolas Berggruen

Chairman, Berggruen Institute

Board Members

Bill Allen

CEO of Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC)

Adam Burke

President and CEO, LA Tourism and Convention Board

Justin Erbacci

Chief Executive Officer- Los Angeles World Airports

Stephen Cheung

President, World Trade Center Los Angeles

Olga Garay-English

Executive Director, John Anson Ford Theatre

Ambassador Nina Hachigian (Ex-Officio Non-Voting Member)

Deputy Mayor of International Affairs, City of Los Angeles

Tom Gilmore

Chairman of the Board, Sister Cities of Los Angeles

Doane Liu

Executive Director, LA Department of Convention and Tourism Development

Samson Mengistu

COO, LA World Airports

Gene Seroka

Executive Director, Port of Los Angeles

Advisory Board

Lynnette Amerian

Senior Advisor to the Mayor

Rhonda Brauer

CEO, RBrauer Consulting

Tina Choi

Partner, Englander, Knabe & Allen

Ambassador John Emerson

Vice Chairman, Capital Group International

Kimberly Emerson

Board Member, Human Rights Watch

Donna Estacio

Director, State and Local Government Affairs, American Airlines

Cindy Fan

Vice Provost, International Studies and Global Engagement, UCLA

John Kobara

COO, California Community Foundation

Mary Leslie

President, Los Angeles Business Council

Vilma Martinez

(Former U.S Ambassador to Argentina) / President, Board of Harbor Commissioners

Elga Sharpe

Former Chief of Protocol for Mayors Hahn and Villaraigosa

Carlos Valderrama

President, Center for Global Trade & Foreign Investment, LA Area Chamber of Commerce

Our Team

Yoomee Ha

Executive Director


Sister City International

In 1956, President Dwight Eisenhower created Sister Cities International to promote peace and prosperity with cities around the world and create bonds amongst people of different cultures. He believed in people’s ability to better understand each other by celebrating and appreciating their differences, while building solid partnerships that would diminish the possibility of conflict. Since, Sister City organizations have been created throughout the United States to support the formation of long-term global relationships. Each Sister City organization is independent to pursue activities of importance to their cities.


Sister City of Los Angeles

Sister Cities of Los Angeles was created in 1959, with Nagoya, Japan becoming the first Sister City of Los Angeles. Later, twenty four more Sister City relationships followed and new relationships are sure to ensue.

Present Day - 2017

Sister of Los Angeles Rebranding

Given Los Angeles’ position as a regional leader, and with the full support of the Mayor, Sister Cities of Los Angeles, Inc. is undergoing a substantial re-organization and re-branding to better serve the 21st century needs of the Los Angeles region and its sister cities.

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